Weekly Timesheets

Weekly Timesheets

Click on Timesheets tab on the home page and choose 'Weekly Timesheets'.

Weekly timesheets will you show you timesheets of a particular week. You can select the desired week by clicking on the week range at the top of the page.
Use the arrows next to the date to check previous or future week timesheets.

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    • Custom Timesheets

      Custom Timesheets displays a customized view of timesheets. Choose Custome Timesheets options from the Timesheet tab on the home page. You can view timesheets for a Day, Week, Month or select a custom range.
    • How to approve Timesheets

      The pending timesheets can be approved in two ways- Click on a particular shift and a pop up will appear. You can make changes in the shift here (optional) and click on Approve & Save option below. You can also approve multiple timesheets by checking ...
    • Signed Timesheets

      As soon as the signature of the manager is received and submitted through the Candidate App, a copy of the timesheet will be shown here. You can view the timesheet by clicking on the option under the VIEW tab.