How to add a new client

How to add a new client

To add a new client, click on the 'Client' tab on the homepage. Choose Clients from the drop-down list.

 This will open the Client page for you. Click on the 'Add Client' tab.

A new pop up window opens, fill the details in and click on 'Add Client' to complete this.

Besides adding individual clients, you do have the option to import the database of your clients as a .csv file. See the 'Import' tab on the top right corner of the Client page.

Click on the import tab, this will open the import page. Click on the 'Download Sample' button.

This will open an excel sheet, your data can be added here. The Job ID (eg. LG001 - Nurse) for all the jobs are displayed on the import page.

Here you have the option to drop the file or click to upload. Once you dropped the file please select the required fields from the dropdown list.

Once all selected click on this view table button. This will display the selected file and you can save the table. You can import all your clients within a short period of time.

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